Sword Girls Online. Closed Beta currently in session, quick overview.

I’ll try and give you guys a quick overview. Fairly new (still pretty underground) browser card game based on cute anime girls. Wait..what?

It’s exactly as I said. Every single card in the game will feature anime-esque artwork, and of course no male cards.  I guess it’s called Sword Girls for a reason. I’m under the impression that it is their main selling point. Anyway, the gameplay/rules are pretty decent I guess, nothing too innovative. Reminds me a lot of the little trading card mini-game in FFVIII, might have even ripped off of it a little. Here’s a little screen so you can compare:

I won’t go into the details about the rules and technicalities in this post, since I’m fairly new at it and it would be a better experience if you just went ahead and tried it yourself.

Dash/In-game interface. It’s pretty well polished at the moment despite still being in the closed beta phase. No bugs encountered yet,  fully functional at the moment. Works great as a browser game, you can browse/do other things in between turn phases. Wellllll anyway, I could go so much more in-depth about the many different aspects but at this point, if you’re still interested, it’s better if you go ahead and try. Without further ado:

website: http://www.swordgirlsonline.com/beta.html


See you on!

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