Alicia Online – Horse Racing MMO

If racing game is your genre, then you should try out this Korean anime-based horse racing MMO. The game has been officially announced to be closed beta released in 2009, but I’ve just now stumbled upon this great game. The gameplay is quite smooth and is more unique than other driving games such as Drift City. The animation is pretty well-done, especially the female characters looking cute as always. Although this game has been out for a while, there is still no sign of it being released to the US anytime soon. But if you’re really into this type of game, you can still play on the Korean server and try the game out yourself, all you need to do is register on the website, link is down and a video of the gameplay if interested.


EDIT: Checkout new site at

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129 thoughts on “Alicia Online – Horse Racing MMO

  1. what is the full name of this anime?=)

  2. Is it gonna be released in english? Because I LOVE horses and i froze when I saw this game.

    • As far as I know, no, the game, while doing moderately well, didn’t garner enough attention to get a localized version.

      • horse42889

        i wish there was an English relish coude yes I watch anime and I don’t under stand jt so I hear it takes a long time to learn it too

    • Zelda

      As of right now, maybe. It is getting a Japanese release, and the developers have been thinking about an english release, but no publishers have come to them yet.


      How do you dowlad the game plz tell me

    • u can play star stable its a great game i have a website about me in it so you can see a bit about it visit it at and visit to play it hope you like it! 😛

      • Nina

        I play starstable its pretty fun but my mom won’t let me get a membership e.e and im begging to go on alicia online IT LOOKS SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s going I really want it back

  3. Maggie

    Blizzard should get on this … they would attract new players….not like if they have much to lose anyways haha

  4. Shayla

    how do u play it

  5. BB:)

    Hey, algien esta registrado de aqui en alicia?

  6. hi i was wondering when will the ENGLISH version come out? also if you have no clue, then please tell me the alicia online official email ty ^-^

    • Huppeltrut

      they aren’t planning anything soon for a english version. It depends on the popularity it gets

  7. petik

    where can i download it and how?

  8. Alessandra

    I hope they may an english release! This game is amazing!! I’m a big fan of horses, and I love riding them!

    • Is it a computer laptop iPad can you play it on a iPad

  9. abbylove92

    i am new and i cant figer out how to ride and stuff can some help?

  10. i cant get this bitch to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. me too and its spanish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bridgette

    If someone has an account and is no longer interested in playing and willing to give it away, I will be forever grateful.

  13. how to play this game

  14. madison far

    how do you play this game

  15. Ida

    Can someone please make an account for me? Or if anyone have an account they don’t use anymore?

  16. I was wondering if u could make a version for an iPod thanks byes!!

  17. I hope they put this game in English I love horses sooooooo much!!! <333

    • horsesrule!

      HOW DO I PLAY!?!? D:

    • I got the game star stable and I’m a member it’s REALLY FUN
      Sooooooo much : ) 🙂 😉

      • Skrillez

        Hey i’m Cassandra Deerwatcher! I love star stable too especially alex!!!

  18. Blanka

    ahojky nechtěly byste mi někdo udělat registraci moc prosím mě to totiž nejde děkuji, :))

  19. someone PLEASE help me!!! i don’t know how to download this game what were on right now!! 😦 😦 😦 😦
    WAH how do you download it i did it last time and it diden’t even do anything!!!??? plz help me out PEOPLE???!! 😦 thank you even if you won’t 🙂 😦 😦

    • Nina

      same here GOD wont ANYONE help ANY ppl THAT ARE HAVINGG STRESS WIT DIS??????????????????////!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. yussef555

  21. Can someone help me! i dont know what to do when u do after u name ur character can someone help me i really want to play

  22. porque todas hablais ingles joooo estoy margina da igual me conecto al juego y se termino

  23. jajaja yo tengo el juego y vosotras no

  24. get alicia online account at

  25. Niamh

    How do you play the game!?

    I don’t know how

  26. Jolist

    people who are still asking about new update it still is not hre but i have it in english if you ask me how i will tell you at first i was sad there was no english but not anymore

  27. susan

    Ther is a awsome game called Star stable it free

    • Jaleeni

      Star Stable isn’t free. You have to pay monthly to get past level 5 and to be able to buy more horses. They give you an option to pay for lifetime, meaning you don’t have to pay monthly anymore. It’s a one time thing, but it’s $70.

    • Nina

      i know theres a game called starstable
      but my mum won’t let me get the membership

  28. Nina

    no she meant when u are getting started!

  29. Moonlightwolfhowler

    i might have wolf in my name but i loved horses before i loved wolves BUT THIS GAME LOOKS SO FRICKEN FUN :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  30. I’m interested in this game. The artwork is beautiful and the 3D looks interesting.

  31. I love horses

  32. Reblogged this on neringa467.

  33. Please make an English version u would make so much money in the US think bout for realan x box version. How can I get an account

  34. Can you get it on iPhone 4 because I really really want it and I think it’s really cool but my pops laptop isn’t worcking

  35. Jade Smith

    Just to clarify you can’t plead for an English version on this website it’s better to request the English version on the official Korean site. More requests means the version will be released, less requests equally means there is no point of making a English version to this game. Also there has been a totally different change in registration! In 2012 the registration was easy to get past if you aren’t Korean, getting a KSSN is very simple in my eyes since I have a list of them fully working however now they have added a more advanced registration for all members to verify a KOREAN phone number or i-pin (not just the KSSN you have). which is impossible to get access to unless you have a Korean friend or a Korean family member willing to give you the information you need to register. I’ve tried several times to register with this new advanced registration there is simply no use. I did have an acc in 2012 sadly I’ve forgotten the KSSN I used and the password also username so I cannot do anything to help people who need an account anyway…

  36. i want to play i not how

  37. i am form ky

  38. hello aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BYB x _X

  39. Elin

    I really want to play this game D: but its not out on english version D: it looks sooo cool!


  41. hello

  42. sanna soderberg

    Jag vill vara med

  43. I love star stable friend me my name is Candence Mooncamp

  44. how do I play to Alicia online?

  45. DuskaDawn


  46. DuskaDawn


  47. this game looks boring anyway

  48. lankford

    shut up

  49. Jess Clifton


  50. como ago para jugarlo quien me dise??

  51. Zandra

    So there is no places were you can play the game?- even if it is in koreansk?

  52. play star stable its awsome ^-^

  53. katieandrocky

    so yeah i play this and i am english to i found a way to get it in english link in description in my video on youtube its called katieandrocky .by, katyfowler the riding is me it’s my antie who’s filming and the small girl walking about with me is my cozen she’s 21 but she’s like 4 foot is it or feet i don’t know which one but anyways link in description please go ahead and leave a comment and a like it helps me out a lot and if you feel like it subcribe too thanks katieandrocky,

  54. Alicia Online will be up and running on the 16th. 🙂

  55. really want to play this

  56. Asha

    Its sad that the game is no longer with us, i played it and it was amazing! i love things like this! i hope riding high can live up to this game!

  57. es una mierda

  58. Girls it’s come out the 2.0 alicia horse game

  59. alichorse

    how do you download and is there an English version

  60. alichorse

    horses are the best

  61. i agree

  62. Bunny

    Mlocale is recreating this game; read more here: and help spread the word 🙂

  63. I hate horses you should know but i am in star stables the name is Sara Shorthill in wind star

  64. NO WAY i love horses and i play star stables i am Stella mightyforest in the same server SARA


  66. I dont understand

  67. how do you Register this and play it

  68. Its in English now, Alicia Online on fb updates info for its followers.

  69. how do u play it? Its not showing me where to play it

  70. Nami

    For all of you who are asking how to download Alicia Online i recommend this cite. This is where i downloaded mine from–
    (It has a guide on how to download)

  71. I like this post. Perfect!

  72. Aku kepingin banget dowload tapi gimana cara nya kasih tau dong

  73. Permainan nya asik

  74. maria

    ok mach ich

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  76. Mas isso a Bia irá te contar no vídeo de inscrição que
    você acessará brand abaixo clicando no botão.

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