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17 thoughts on “About

  1. How do I play this game?

    • darksidersgame

      its possibly like feral heart…. (if you don’t know what game that is…you can look it up.. :3) when you sign up for feral heart…you have to be lucky for registration to be open… Im not sure. but it is quite possible.

    • Svp comment on joue !! 😦 j’a chercher partout aider moi pleaase !! 😥

  2. cristian


  3. cristian


  4. ala


  5. Whant

  6. Admin, how do you get into the horse place?

    • jada

      I think you get tricked in to signing up for something that dose not have anything to do with this

  7. this is not cool i cant play or maby

  8. halle

    how do you play this and how to get a new account????

  9. Anna

    When will this game come out in english? It looks so fun!!! I have never seen a game look this good c:

  10. Play Star Stables It Is better

  11. You Are Weird Alicia Online Is much Better Then Any Game In The World

  12. Is it going to be in English? I only speak English so i cant play

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