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Eucliwood Hellscythe cosplay by Tomia

Once again, another great cosplay by Tomia who is also a Korean cosplayer. Tomia is cosplaying as Eucliwood Hellscythe from the anime Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? and is looking as good as ever. If interested, click to see more! Continue reading

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Cute Nurse Hatsune Miku Cosplay by Tomia

It’s everyone’s favorite vocaloid Hatsune Miku being cosplayed by Tomia who is also cute and irresistible. More pictures of her Hatsune Miku nurse cosplay, click read more if interested. Continue reading

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Alicia Online – Horse Racing MMO

If racing game is your genre, then you should try out this Korean anime-based horse racing MMO. The game has been officially announced to be closed beta released in 2009, but I’ve just now stumbled upon this great game. The gameplay is quite smooth and is more unique than other driving games such as Drift City. The animation is pretty well-done, especially the female characters looking cute as always. Although this game has been out for a while, there is still no sign of it being released to the US anytime soon. But if you’re really into this type of game, you can still play on the Korean server and try the game out yourself, all you need to do is register on the website, link is down and a video of the gameplay if interested. Continue reading

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[Mawaru Peguindrum] K Miyuko-Princess of the Crystal Cosplay

Once again, K Miyuko looking cute and irresistible. This time she is cosplaying as Princess of the Crystal from the anime Mawaru Peguindrum. Continue reading

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Sword Girls Online. Closed Beta currently in session, quick overview.

I’ll try and give you guys a quick overview. Fairly new (still pretty underground) browser card game based on cute anime girls. Wait..what?

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Perfect Victorique Doll

A high quality, full-feature doll has been made for the character Victorique de Blois from the anime Gosick. If you haven’t seen Gosick yet, it is a mystery/detective type with a bit of romance (think Conan but with a female “detective”), definitely worth the watch. Victorique is portrayed as a girl with almost perfect doll-like features. This doll attempts to recreate that feeling, but not without a steep price for quality. This doll retails at 94,000 yen(1200 USD). Only for the serious collector. I must admit, though, if any anime character had the potential to be made into an actual doll, Victorique would definitely be on top of my list. Continue reading

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Grief Syndrome – Madoka?!

If you haven’t heard, there is a game called “Grief Syndrome” created by Twilight Frontier and was released on August 13, 2011 at Comiket 80. It is a side-scrolling game and it’s pretty addicting to be able to play as your favorite Madoka character.

Grief Syndrome is a 1-3 player game but it is also possible to play online if you were to mod the files. There are about 7 playable characters and they are: Continue reading

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Lime Odyssey – a new upcoming “cute” MMORPG

Currently in the open beta stage in Korea, and alpha stage in the US, Lime Odyssey is well on its way to coming into the market. I’ve been playing around a little bit in the Korean open beta, and the one thing I can say for sure is that: yeah, it’s cute. It’s definitely going for that type of audience.

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